Andrew Hosgood

OO PHP Web Developer specialising in User Interface Design and User Experience


What Content Management System do you REALLY need?

16th July 2014

Way way back, long before Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift, when you couldn't physically fit an "Android" in your pocket and "twerking" and "selfie" were just funny-sounding nonsensical words, we updated our websites using an IDE to write and compile XML or HTML with its component CSS and JS, and uploaded our new files to a web server using FTP before maybe updating the mySQL database to reflect any changes. Luckily for me and my job this is still roughly what happens now, except that I am writing web apps that enable you to do it yourself.

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Why is Microsoft Office still the de facto standard?

8th January 2014

Chances are, at some point in your career you have listed "Microsoft Office" under the skills section of your CV. The Microsoft Office suite that first appeared on our computers has been around since the start of the 1990s, just a few months after Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server and founded the World Wide Web (not the Internet, as some people will tell you).

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Don't Fear the Cookie!

29th November 2013

Cookies. You may have heard about them. Let's get the obvious long-running joke out of the way and make this post unambiguous by stating up-front that I don't mean the delicious ones with chocolate chips. I mean the ones that have been in the news recently – the bad ones. The ones that will jump you in a dark alleyway, beat you up, steal your wallet and use the money to buy drugs.

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What's in a Password? — A Math-lovers Guide

11th October 2013

With everyone using an increasing number of online services, we need more and more passwords to keep our secret stuff secret. When it comes to choosing a new password, there is certainly no shortage of help in the form of guides and generators. Unfortunately, a knowledge of security doesn't come without a little knowledge of maths and computers so I apologise in advance for all the numbers.

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The Importance of Messing Around

24th July 2013

As a developer, I am expected to make things that work. As a UI designer, I'm expected to make things that look good. Working for Logo, I have to try and balance both.

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