Andrew Hosgood

OO PHP Web Developer specialising in User Interface Design and User Experience

Who is Andrew Hosgood?

Web development and design

Web Developer

Worked as a web developer for several large and successful organisations, each time bringing new techniques and ideas to the table. Extensive knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, mySQL and best practices and optimal approach for each.

User interface design

UI Designer

Innovative when presented with user interface design problems and perfectionist during implementation. Keen to experiment with new and different approaches to produce a unique yet intuitive look and feel to web-based solutions.

Database design

Database Developer

Able to develop normalised and expandable databases for a variety of situations. Knowledge of optimisation and expandability to create stable and efficient relational databases.

Server administration

System Administrator

Practical experience in monitoring and managing a range of different softwares and servers such as Debian, OS X Server, Red Hat and Windows. Helped setup and maintain computer systems, including servers, users machines and other network devices.

Photography and videography


Many years working as a photographer in several areas including wedding, product and reportage photography. Dedicated to experimenting with new techniques and styles in an attempt to better understand the art.

Art and music


Casual experimental artist working with range of mediums. Proficient clarinetist, oboist and music theorist currently developing on self-taught skills with bass guitar and keyboard.